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How to choose the right pH meter

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
Speaking of PH meter, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Nowadays, PH meter is involved in fields such as industry, agriculture, scientific research, and environmental protection. The wide use of PH meter shows its importance in many industries. Nowadays, the types of PH meter are more and more There are more and more, and each has its own advantages. How should users choose a suitable pH meter? The following author will talk about several aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing a pH meter: 1. To understand that when purchasing a pH meter, users should first consider the application occasion, and the application occasion can be divided into four categories, namely pen type pH meter, portable pH meter, laboratory benchtop pH meter and industrial pH meter. Then, understand their respective functions. The pen-type pH meter is one of the most convenient pH meters to use, but its accuracy is low, so it is often used to replace pH test paper. Portable pH meters and laboratory pH meters are both high-precision and perfect in performance It’s just that the former is a micro-functional integrated circuit design, while the latter is a desktop high-precision analytical instrument. Relatively speaking, industrial pH meters are more widely used, with important functions such as good isolation and anti-pollution, and are scattered in large areas. In some industrial occasions, it is an ideal instrument for many industrial enterprises to measure and control the PH/ORP field. 2. Choose a cost-effective PH meter. If you want to buy a good PH meter, you can’t use the price to measure it. I believe that in the process of purchasing goods, you can more or less hear merchants mentioning the price/performance ratio. The so-called price/performance ratio refers to how much effect this PH meter can bring and the ratio of price. It is based on product performance requirements. Performance is the purchase of PH The important indicators considered by the meter, a PH meter with simple operation, complete functions and high price, and a PH meter with cumbersome operation and ineffective effect but relatively low price, I believe the result of your choice is self-evident. 3. According to the company In the face of many PH meters, what kind of PH meter is really suitable for users? This depends on the needs of users and the functions of products, such as wastewater treatment, electroplating, food, chemical industry, medicine, etc. And other process fields should choose the appropriate industrial pH meter,
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