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How to clean the sewage pool?

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
When it comes to cesspools, I think everyone has heard of them. In fact, it is a pool containing sewage, and it is very important to clean up the sewage pool! This article analyzes and understands the cleaning steps of the sewage pool with everyone! The details are as follows: 1. Before cleaning the sewage pool, the sewage in the pool should be drained as clean as possible, and then the sewage inlet valve should be closed, and natural ventilation should be maintained. It is better to use mechanical cleaning; 2. If work is required Where personnel go to operate, the staff must remain conscious and in good health. For example: Minors, persons with respiratory tract, allergies, etc. are not suitable to participate in this work, and women are also not allowed to do this work; 3. When cleaning the sewage pool, the operation must be filled in the 'Sewage Pool Cleaning Work Sheet'. And it is required that the work sheet requires the on-site staff to do technical and disclosure work for the cleaning personnel; 4. In the process of cleaning the sewage pool, the on-site personnel should do a good job in the whole process of supervision and the implementation of measures; 5. The staff should wear protective equipment; 6. Relevant personnel should do a good job of monitoring in all aspects before going to the pool, and they can go to work after guaranteeing; 7. After mechanical ventilation is carried out through the blower, the detector will have an early warning of exceeding the standard. At this time, preventive measures must be taken in time ;8. After the staff go down to the pool, the bus and accessories should be hung in tool bags, and littering is strictly prohibited; 9. The restricted area should be planned for the construction site; Explosive and flammable items are prohibited, if it is necessary to fire, then there must be ventilation equipment; 11. If there is flammable gas in the air, it is not allowed to use some non-explosion-proof equipment and equipment during the cleaning process. Tools such as open flame lighting; 12. If you do not have the adjustment of cleaning, you can outsource it to staff with relevant experience; 13. If the cleaning time is very long, you can take turns to go to the pool; 14. If you find something wrong, Rescue work should be carried out in time.
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