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How to correctly set up the sewage outlet in the sewage treatment plant

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
Sewage treatment plants must set up sewage outlets in accordance with national regulations, and it is illegal to fail to do so. Moreover, the sewage outlets should meet the requirements of 'one is obvious, two is reasonable, and three is convenient', that is, the environmental protection signs are obvious; the sewage outlets are set up reasonably, and the direction of sewage discharge is reasonable; it is easy to collect samples, easy to monitor and calculate, and convenient for the public to participate in supervision and management. Construction projects need to set up sewage outlets, which must be reviewed and approved by the environmental protection department responsible for approving the environmental impact report (form). Any construction unit that needs to set up waste water outfalls within the management scope of water conservancy projects shall also submit an application to the water administrative department and go through the formalities for approval. When the environmental protection department approves the environmental impact report, it must clarify the number, location and standardized construction requirements of the sewage outlets that are allowed to be set up, and take it as one of the important contents of the completion acceptance of environmental protection facilities. Water bodies in primary and secondary protection areas of surface water sources for urban centralized domestic water sources, nature reserves and scenic spots designated by the state and provinces, important fishery water bodies, other water body protection areas with special economic and cultural value, and sea areas In special marine protected areas, marine nature reserves, coastal scenic tourist areas, salt pan protection areas, bathing beaches, and important fishery waters and other waters that require special protection, new sewage outlets are not allowed. The sewage discharges that have been set up in the first-level protection zone of surface water sources for domestic and drinking water shall be demolished within a time limit. Strictly control new sewage outlets in key protected water areas such as quasi-protected areas of surface water sources for urban centralized drinking water, general economic fishery waters, and water bodies in scenic viewing areas. Each drainage unit and enterprise shall set up highly recognizable signs at the rainwater and sewage outlets of the drainage openings. The content, form, and specifications of the auxiliary signs of the environmental protection graphic signs are uniformly set by the environmental protection department and filled in by the unified organization. Enterprises are not allowed to compile and fill in privately, otherwise they do not meet the regulations. Auxiliary sign font: boldface. The content of auxiliary signs generally includes: the name of the sewage outlet sign, the name and number of the sewage discharge unit, the type of pollutants discharged, and the supervision of an ecological environment bureau, etc. The specific installation standards for the sewage discharge outlet sign are as follows: 1. The size and color of the sewage discharge outlet signboard Size and color Plane hanging size: 48×30cm Background color: green; font: bold, white If it is inconvenient to hang, you can use a vertical signboard, size: 42 ×42cm (the name of the outlet on the front and the pattern on the back). 2. Number of discharge outlets: numbered in sequence of water-01 and 02. 3. Sign material: 1.5-2mm cold-rolled steel plate, enamel or reflective film on the surface; the vertical sign pole is 120cm high, and 38×4 seamless steel pipe is used. 4. The hanging position of the sewage outlet sign: the sewage discharge outlet (near the monitoring point).
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