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How to deal with high ammonia nitrogen in pig farm wastewater?

by:BOQU     2022-09-22

The high concentration of ammonia nitrogen in pig farms is generally from the excrement of their own animals, and for high-yield pig farms, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen will definitely be higher than that of the general industry, sometimes even as high as thousands. Below we take a pig farm in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province as an example to illustrate how to treat ammonia nitrogen in pig manure wastewater.

1. Basic information about customers

The daily wastewater volume of the plant is about 250 tons, mainly from scouring pigsties and cleaning pig bodies. Its own small sewage station has been treated by the AO process, and the ammonia nitrogen in the effluent is still about 20~30ppm. The plant has tried debugging methods such as heating to increase the activity of bacteria and increasing the frequency of blower aeration, but the effect is not obvious. drop below the emission standard 5.

2. On-site process flow chart

3. Dosing experiment

Below we took water samples from the water outlet for dosing experiments:

4. Solutions

The detailed steps are as follows:

(1) Dissolve the ammonia nitrogen remover into a 10% solution

(2) Add the diluted medicament to the sedimentation tank with a metering pump

(3) Appropriately adjust the dosage according to the monitoring data until the stable treatment of sewage reaches the standard

The dosage is determined:

Finally, after on-site debugging, the ammonia nitrogen remover is determined to be 200ppm (add 0.2kg per ton of wastewater) to control the ammonia nitrogen below 5ppm.

Dosing location:

The ammonia nitrogen remover can be directly added into the 'sedimentation tank' in the original process, and the reaction time of the agent will be effective in about 5 to 6 minutes, and there is no need to add additional equipment and processes.

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