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How to deal with oil pollution in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
We use the oil in water online analyzer to measure the concentration of oil molecules in water by ultraviolet fluorescence method, and cooperate with various working conditions, water sample pretreatment devices for tested water samples, and data processing systems to enable you to obtain monitoring solutions. So the focus of this chapter is to share with you how to deal with oil pollution in water bodies. After petroleum pollutants enter the water body, their composition and existence will change under the influence of environmental conditions and other factors. Generally speaking, petroleum pollutants mainly exist in water in five states: floating oil, dispersed oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil, and oil-solid matter. The treatment of oil pollution in water should not only remove a large amount of petroleum substances in wastewater, but also consider reducing the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) of wastewater. The removal rate or conversion rate and residual amount of pollutants are the benchmarks for comparison. Different types of oily sewage require different treatment methods. At present, oily sewage treatment technologies at home and abroad can be divided into four types according to the treatment principles: physical method, chemical method, physical chemical method and biochemical method. 1. Physical method The focus of physical treatment method is to remove minerals, most solid suspended matter and oil in oily sewage. 2. Chemical method Chemical treatment method is mainly used to treat some colloids and dissolved substances in oily sewage that cannot be removed by physical or biological methods alone. The commonly used methods include chemical demulsification method and chemical oxidation method. 3. Physical and chemical methods Physical and chemical methods mainly include air flotation, adsorption, electrochemical, ultrasonic separation, etc. These methods generally have the advantages of strong adaptability and wide selectivity. 4. Biochemical method Biochemical (biochemical) treatment method is to use the biochemical action of microorganisms to decompose complex organic matter into simple substances, thereby converting toxic substances into substances and purifying oily sewage.
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