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How to deal with the battery failure of the water quality testing instrument?

by:BOQU     2021-07-15

A portable water quality meter is a commonly used water sample testing and analysis equipment in the field, and there are many factors in the field that can affect the testing data of water samples, such as environmental temperature changes, water quality sampling operations, etc., and are used in the field at the same time When using portable water quality analyzers, we should also pay attention to the problems of the equipment itself. We found that if the inspectors receive a field inspection task, they will calibrate the sensor of the instrument.

However, few people will check the testing equipment, or just check whether the connecting wire of the sensor is strong, many people will neglect one of the important points in the application of the equipment.

We all know that portable water quality analysis instruments mainly rely on batteries to supply power. Generally, portable water quality testing instruments are charged periodically. Therefore, many people are only concerned about the power of the testing equipment, and few people will understand the equipment. Is there a problem with the battery? So today we are going to tell us about the solutions to the battery problems of some water quality testing equipment.

The solution to the problem of the battery of the water quality instrument:

Different brands of water quality testing equipment may use batteries of different materials, but like other electronic equipment, there are also many problems with batteries in the use of water quality analysis equipment. Therefore, the battery of the testing equipment can be properly protected. Ensure that the water quality testing equipment is in good condition. Secondly, if the battery leaks, the leaked liquid of the battery is likely to corrode the parts of the equipment. The most common is the battery contact point. If it is not found in time, it will also cause damage. The internal circuit board of the portable water quality tester forms corrosion, which then causes damage to the entire equipment.

So in addition to the inspection and protection of portable water quality testing equipment in daily life, more attention should be paid to worn-out parts such as batteries to ensure the good operation of water quality testing equipment.

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