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How to deal with the high content of ammonia nitrogen in the sewage to be discharged from food factories

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
There are physical chemical method, biological denitrification method, biochemical combination method and so on. Among them, physical and chemical methods are mainly divided into steam stripping method, zeolite ammonia removal method, membrane separation technology, graph precipitation method, chemical oxidation method, etc.; traditional methods and newly developed methods. The denitrification process includes A/O, and the two main active stages are sludge method, strong oxidation aerobic biotechnology treatment, short-term use of nitrification and denitrification, ultrasonic stripping and ammonia nitrogen denitrification treatment, etc.; due to the high concentration of ammonia nitrogen, it will There are certain restrictions, but the influence of ammonia nitrogen concentration cannot be sufficiently reduced (such as less than 100mg/L). High concentrations of free ammonia or nitrite nitrogen can inhibit biological denitrification to a certain extent. In the actual development and application, the method of China Biochemical Alliance was adopted. Before the biological information processing problem, the wastewater containing high concentration of ammonia nitrogen can be researched and chemically treated; chemical agents can also be used to physically and chemically treat the ammonia nitrogen to meet the emission standards, such as ammonia nitrogen remover.
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