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How to detect the content of silver in wastewater

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
Silver is a precious metal with a silvery white color. What can be dissolved in common silver salts is silver nitrate, which is the main component of silver in wastewater. Silver nitrate is widely used in industries such as radio, chemical industry, machine manufacturing, ceramics, electroplating, and ink manufacturing. The main sources of silver-containing wastewater are electroplating and photographic industries. How to detect the content of silver in wastewater: The detection of silver in wastewater can be detected by an online water quality analyzer. Vitargent Online Analyzer is used to monitor Vitargent. It is a new generation of fully automatic on-line analyzer technically developed based on Chinese standard methods, and a maintenance-free on-line monitor launched on the basis of years of research on water quality analysis products. The working principle is that the pretreated water sample is injected into a special reactor by a syringe pump for pretreatment of the water sample, and the reacted water sample is detected by a highly selective synthetic substance and a special sensor, which is linear to the silver content in the water. According to the electrical signal of the relationship, the silver content in the water sample can be calculated according to the degree of electrical change. Basic methods for removing silver from wastewater: The basic methods for removing silver from wastewater include precipitation, ion exchange, reduction substitution and electrolytic recovery. Four adsorption methods, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis are also used. Because the economic value of recovering silver from wastewater is high, in order to achieve high recovery rate and often high-concentration organic wastewater, a variety of methods are used in combination. For example, electroplating wastewater containing more silver can be completely recovered by ion exchange, evaporation or electrolytic reduction. BOQU environmental protection technology not only has Vitargent online analyzer, but also online water quality monitoring instruments for other parameters. If you have this need, you can pay attention to BOQU.
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