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How to get better stability of nitrate analyzer?

by:BOQU     2022-01-25

How to get better stability of nitrate analyzer The nitrate analyzer adopts a new generation of sensor and membrane head with more stable performance, ion-selective electrode method, the sensor consists of nitrate ion-selective electrode, chloride ion-selective electrode and temperature electrode Together to form a measurement system, several parameters can be modified with each other to reduce interference. The monitor can be flexibly calibrated online to further improve the accuracy of the measurement. The sensor uses an ion-selective electrode to detect nitrate ions (NO3-) in the process of water. For better stability, a PhD reference system was used. Nitrate measurements were compensated using a chloride ion-selective electrode. Not only does the technology pre-calibrate each electrode individually, it also allows for inter-calibration between the three electrodes. The sensor also contains temperature compensation.

Measuring principle

The ultraviolet light emitted from the pulsating light source illuminates the colorimetric cell, NO in the sample solution flowing in the colorimetric cell absorbs part of the ultraviolet light, and the transmitted light intensity is detected by two ultraviolet photodiodes with different detection wavelengths. After each signal is processed inside the instrument and compared with the corrected value, the instrument calculates the NO concentration value. Using a variety of beam testing methods, plus a special correction function, it can compensate for the chromaticity of the sample and the optical lens. Therefore, the analysis module has good stability and accuracy.

The nitrate analyzer is calibrated according to the calibration time and calibration typeset by the user. The obtained result will be compared with the calibration result stored in the original analyzer. If it is less than the error limit set by the user, the original value will be accepted and replaced. If the calibration parameter is larger than the limit set by the user, the original calibration parameter will not be replaced and an alarm signal will be output. According to the requirements of industrial and environmental online, the electrical part and the hydraulic pipeline are completely isolated. This simple and stable LFA system structure ensures the high stability of the analyzer in electrical and hydraulic aspects and ensures that the analyzer can run stably for a long time.

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