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How to install Residual Chlorine Meter?
Please refer to the detailed product page or contact our customer service department for self-installation instructions and what you need to know before placing an order. From the moment Residual Chlorine Meter is commissioned at your location, customer service will work and we will support you throughout its useful life. Our customer service will ensure fast, professional service.
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Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the preferred online conductivity meter suppliers for global customers. We have a reputation for the manufacturing of high-quality products. As one of Boqu Instrument's multiple product series, tss sensor series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The material of Boqu Instrument will not take any bad effect on people during use. With the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can make sure the accurate data be delivered. In the test of the product life cycle, we found that it lasts longer than most similar products. The product enjoys high resistance to vibration.

To uphold our commitment to responsible and sustainable development, we have made a long-term plan to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution on the environment.

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