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How to maintain the conductivity meter?

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
The so-called conductivity meter is an instrument that can precisely measure various liquid media. Since the conductivity meter can accurately measure the conductivity of high-purity water when equipped with corresponding constant electrodes, the conductivity meter is widely used in pharmaceuticals, preparations, environmental protection, Thermal power, food and other industries are mainly used to continuously detect the conductivity value in the solution. Then how to maintain the conductivity meter so that it can get the best results in use? The following author will briefly talk about several precautions for the maintenance of the conductivity meter : 1. Whether the temperature conductivity meter is operated or not, the temperature must be strictly controlled, and the temperature must not exceed the specified range, especially when the solution temperature exceeds 1600F/ 710°C during operation, stop measuring, otherwise the conductivity meter may be damaged. Damage. Of course, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the conductivity meter may also be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, the conductivity meter cannot be placed near the heat source, and attention should be paid to changes in weather temperature, because in high temperature weather conditions 2. About the electrode After using the conductivity meter, the electrode cell should be kept as clean as possible before use. Therefore, apply enough water to the conductivity meter every time. Rinse off the solution and sundries accumulated on the electrode with clean water, avoid these things remaining in the battery, precipitate and form a thin film, which will lead to the accuracy of the conductivity meter measurement. 3. About the maintenance of the instrument Every time you use the conductivity meter After that, it should be rinsed with water, and avoid contact with organic solvents, keep the instrument clean, and handle it carefully, because careless dropping or violent touch may cause certain damage to the conductivity meter, which may cause damage to the conductivity meter. Reduce its precision. When selecting a conductivity meter, the user should consider the characteristics and functions of the industry in order to achieve the best effect of the conductivity meter.
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