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How to maintain the online pH water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2022-03-24

Notes in the daily maintenance of the online ph water quality detector:

1. Regularly clean the glass electrode, the cleaning cycle depends on the water quality. Recommended once every 7 days.

2. Regular calibration, the calibration cycle depends on the water quality. Once a month is recommended.

3. Before the pH meter is officially used, it must be calibrated by professional maintenance personnel according to the operation requirements.

4. The pH meter probe must be immersed in water. In the absence of water, it must be removed and the probe must be rinsed, and then immersed in clean distilled water for maintenance.

5. Before each re-use of the pH meter, it must be tested with a standard solution and calibrated according to the specified operating requirements.

6. When the pH meter display result shows abnormal sudden change, check whether the line is connected well. If the pH meter measurement result shows the maximum or minimum, check whether the probe is damaged and needs to be replaced.

7. When there is a relatively fixed difference between the pH meter measurement result and the chemical method measurement result, the probe should be cleaned. If the fault is still not eliminated, the instrument needs to be re-calibrated. If it still doesn't work, you can replace the probe with a new one.

8. Do not spray water directly to the probe part of the pH meter. Avoid debris in the drain from hitting the probe section. If it is found that there is debris attached to the probe part, it should be carefully removed and cleaned.

9. For contaminated pH electrodes, gently wipe the tip of the electrode with cotton dipped in carbon tetrachloride or ether. If it is found that there is slight rust on the outer wall of the sensitive glass film, the electrode can be immersed in 5%~10% (volume ratio) hydrochloric acid (the time should not be too long), and then use it after the rust is eliminated, but it must not be immersed in concentrated acid. In order to prevent the sensitive glass membrane from being seriously dehydrated and scrapped.

10. The pH glass electrode also has a service life problem. The quality of the electrode is different, and the life of the electrode is not the same. However, it can be used to measure the Nernst conversion rate of the electrode (the ratio of the measured value to the theoretical value is called conversion rate), to check the performance of the electrode, that is, to measure the Nernst slope of the electrode at different pH values. For conversion rates exceeding 100±20 % of the electrodes generally cannot be used.

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