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How to maintain the PH electrode of the water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2021-06-14

In the laboratory, researchers will use water quality testing equipment to test some liquids, such as pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, and turbidity, but sometimes you may find that some test components are not as the manufacturer said Use that way.

When many people encounter this situation, their first thought is whether there is a problem with the quality of the test equipment. If we use instruments made by regular manufacturers, sometimes such a small probability problem will appear. But sometimes when some parts of the water quality testing instrument fail, it is more likely that the inspector does not pay attention to the operation manual or neglects the daily maintenance, such as the most common pH electrode;

We found that water quality testing equipment has many customer reactions. It works very well when you start to use the instrument. But when we slowly measure the pH of the liquid, problems such as slow reaction time, low theoretical slope, and large alkali error will appear.

In fact, these problems are a precursor to damage to the pH electrode. If we do not deal with these problems in time, we will be very tolerant. It is very simple to cause complete damage to the pH electrode.

How to maintain the PH electrode when using the water quality detector in daily life? Perhaps some water quality inspectors are more familiar with it, but we found that most people are not familiar with the maintenance of the PH electrode. For example, we are all unfamiliar with the maintenance of the PH electrode. Know that the PH electrode should be cleaned after the water quality detector is used.

But what many people may not know is that different contaminants attached to the electrodes are different in the corresponding cleaning methods, such as the glass sensitive film that should be prevented from touching or scratching when cleaning the PH glass electrode. , Because the glass used in this type of PH electrode is relatively soft, any damage will cause the PH electrode to show an unstable charge, which will cause the value of the PH measurement to show an error;

Also, we must pay attention to the detection of alkaline minerals, acidic sediments, and liquids containing heavy metals by using water quality detectors. These liquids themselves are harmful to the PH electrode. Therefore, the PH electrode should be tested in time after the test is completed. Clean up.

If you want to detect multiple liquids at the same time, as much as possible to ensure that the special purpose of the PH electrode. Prevent the mutual interference between the detection liquids.

For users of water quality detectors, parts such as PH electrodes only need to be meticulously maintained daily to prolong its service cycle.

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