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How to measure cod in water by acidic potassium permanganate method

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
The acidic potassium permanganate method is suitable for the determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in industrial circulating cooling water, and its determination range is 2-80mg/L. The principle of this method is that potassium permanganate has a strong oxidizing property in acidic solution, and under certain conditions, the reducing substances in the water sample are oxidized, and potassium permanganate is reduced to manganese ions. Excess potassium permanganate can be measured by oxalic acid corresponding data. COD detection step Use a pipette to take 25-100mL of on-site water samples into a conical flask, add 50mL of third-grade reagent water, 5mL of sulfuric acid solution (1 + 3), 5-10 drops of silver sulfate saturated solution, and then pipette 10.00 mL potassium permanganate standard solution. Slowly heat to boiling on the electric stove, then boil for 5 minutes. The water sample should be pink or red. If it is colorless, add 10.00mL potassium permanganate standard solution; or reduce the sampling volume and re-boil for 5min according to the above process. Cool to 60-80°C, add 10.00mL sodium oxalate standard solution with a pipette, the solution should be colorless, if it is red, add 10.00mL sodium oxalate standard solution. Drop the standard solution of potassium permanganate to pink as the end point. At the same time as a blank test. Finally, the COD parameter in the water sample is obtained through the formula.
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