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How to measure residual chlorine

by:BOQU     2023-04-05
Whether it is in domestic life or industrial application, as long as tap water is drawn, the detection of residual chlorine is necessary. Since residual chlorine is a basic indicator of tap water, its detection method is relatively complete, and a complete detection method is provided in GB5750-2006. At the same time, since residual chlorine detection is a basic water quality indicator of tap water, it is of great significance. A variety of detection tools are also provided, including instruments, kits, test strips, etc. Users can choose different products according to actual needs and measurement ranges. The residual chlorine detector is combined with a rapid color detection reagent, which can measure the residual chlorine index in water 'fast, simple, accurate and stable'. The instrument has a beautiful appearance, a simple operation interface, and an accurate detection system to help users obtain Fine data can analyze water body conditions more accurately and effectively, prevent in advance, and avoid losses in time. How to use: 1. Turn on the machine and preheat the machine for 2 minutes. 2. Pour the liquid to be tested into the cuvette 1, and fill it up to two-thirds of its volume. The process of putting in requires water stains not to reach the outside of the cuvette. Put this cuvette 1 into the measuring pool; press the calibration key to make the instrument display 0.00mg/L. 3. Take 100ML of the solution to be tested, add 15ML of the buffer reagent, add 5ML of the DPD reagent, and press the confirmation key; at this time, the screen display of the instrument decreases from 60 to 0; at this time, pour the solution to be tested with the reagent into the ratio Color cell 2; put the color cell 2 into the measuring pool, and the displayed degree is the residual chlorine content. 3. Press the storage key and the extraction key to store and extract 20 experimental records respectively. Water is the resource of our life, more important than food. In the past, people drank raw water directly, but now that people's technology has developed, pollution has become serious, and the water quality has naturally been affected. Someone found that raw water contained a large number of parasites and bacteria, so people used chlorine gas for disinfection, but excessive chlorine content would also cause harm to the human body, and finally a residual chlorine analyzer appeared. The residual chlorine analyzer consists of an electronic unit and a measuring unit (including a flow cell and a residual chlorine sensor). It adopts imported residual chlorine sensor, which has the characteristics of no calibration, no maintenance, high precision, small size and low power consumption. The display instrument has the function of slope correction, zero point correction, real-time display of measured value, automatic temperature compensation, and manual compensation of pH value. After the compensation calculation of the electrode signal, it is converted into a more accurate residual chlorine signal. The analog output signal corresponding to the measured value can be connected with various regulators to form a control system, such as two-position regulators, time proportional regulators, nonlinear regulators, PID regulators, etc. It has a wide range of applications and has excellent compatibility. This product is widely used in drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, cooling circulating water, water quality treatment projects and other industries that continuously monitor the residual chlorine content in aqueous solutions. Residual chlorine analyzer is a commonly used water disinfectant, which is widely used, from the treatment of drinking water and waste water to the sanitation of swimming pools and spas, as well as the disinfection and sterilization of food processing.
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