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How to Measure Total Nitrogen Using a Total Nitrogen Meter

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
The purpose of the total nitrogen analyzer to monitor the total nitrogen is that the total nitrogen content in water is one of the important indicators to measure the water quality. Its determination helps to evaluate the pollution and self-purification of water bodies. When the nitrogen and phosphorus in the surface water exceed the standard, microorganisms multiply and plankton grow vigorously, leading to eutrophication. Total nitrogen, referred to as TN, is one of the important indicators to measure water quality. Total nitrogen is defined as the total amount of all forms of inorganic and organic nitrogen in water. Includes inorganic nitrogen such as NO3-, NO2-, and NH4+, and organic nitrogen such as proteins, amino acids, and organic amines, calculated as milligrams of nitrogen per liter of water. It is often used to indicate the degree of pollution of nutrients to water bodies. High total nitrogen concentration is likely to lead to large-scale reproduction of microorganisms, vigorous growth of plankton and eutrophication. So, how to measure total nitrogen? 1. Water sample pretreatment: When measuring total nitrogen in surface water with a total nitrogen analyzer, it is generally necessary to put the collected water sample into a polyethylene bottle, add concentrated sulfuric acid as a fixative, and adjust the pH value. To 1~2, 4 refrigerators. 2. Collection and storage of samples: sampling according to relevant regulations. The collected samples are stored in polyethylene bottles or hard glass bottles, adjusted to pH 1~2 with concentrated sulfuric acid ((H2SO4)=1.84g/mL), and can be stored at room temperature for 7 days. Store in polyethylene bottles and freeze at -20 for up to one month. 3. Sample preparation: Take an appropriate amount of sample, adjust the pH value to 5~9 with sodium hydroxide solution ((NaOH)=20g/L) or sulfuric acid solution (1+35), and wait for the test. 4. Interference and elimination: (1). When the iodide ion content is greater than 2.2 times of the total nitrogen content, and the bromide ion content is greater than 3.4 times of the total nitrogen content, it will interfere with the determination. (2). Hexavalent chromium ions and ferric ions in the water sample interfere with the determination, which can be eliminated by adding 1~2ml of 5% hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution. The total nitrogen analyzer is aimed at field operations and emergencies in the environmental protection industry. The detection items include COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, nitrate, nitrite, etc. Up to 68 testing items can be customized. Using standardized finished reagents, the process is simple and the results are stable and accurate. It is suitable for the detection of domestic sewage, enterprise sewage, surface water and groundwater of scientific research institutions and environmental protection units.
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