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How to monitor the content of total zinc in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-19
If the zinc in the water exceeds the standard, it is harmful to the human body! Therefore, we need to use a water quality monitor to detect the zinc content in water. What method is needed to monitor the zinc content in water? In this chapter, Hangzhou is here to introduce a self-produced zinc monitoring equipment in water. The measurement method used by the total zinc online monitor is high-temperature acidification digestion method, which converts all forms of zinc into the same valence state, and measures the total content of various zinc in surface water and industrial wastewater by color development after masking out other interfering ions . Working principle: After the sample to be tested is sent to the digestion reaction tank, a strong oxidant is added, followed by ultraviolet heating and digestion, and various organic interfering substances are rapidly decomposed under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, and all forms of zinc are uniformly oxidized into divalent Zinc, then add a reducing agent to react the excess oxidant, then adjust the acidity of the solution, then add a characteristic chromogenic agent for color reaction, the depth of the color is proportional to the total zinc content in the water sample, and measure the absorbance of the reaction product by photometry value, so as to obtain the total zinc content in the water sample. Zinc online analyzer in water is a professional instrument for real-time and continuous monitoring of zinc concentration in water in various industries. Product features: 1. Ultraviolet digestion technology shortens the measurement time of samples and removes interfering substances at the same time. A single measurement takes no more than 5 minutes; 2. The chemical reaction time can be adjusted, and the measurement process and results meet relevant standards; 3. Adjustable Quantitative sampling device ensures that the instrument can accurately measure various water samples by adjusting the amount of reagents and sampling volume; 4. Reagents are taken using non-contact syringe pumps to avoid direct corrosion of reagent pumps by reagents, which can prolong the life of core components and reduce user costs ;5. All imported devices and innovative analytical flow path design and reagent formula ensure high measurement reproducibility, and the current measurement reproducibility can reach 5%; 6. Fully automatic operation, no need for personnel to be on duty, and automatic zero adjustment can be realized , automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions; 7. Diverse online monitoring methods, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods; 8 .Automatic leakage warning function, when reagent leakage occurs, the instrument will automatically warn and prompt the user for maintenance.
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