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How to monitor water quality in rural areas

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
In some remote villages, due to backward water supply methods and weak water quality monitoring, the water quality monitoring of rural drinking water sources is still basically in the state, and there are problems of unclear data and serious shortage of monitoring forces. Drinking polluted drinking water will lead to poisoning, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, cardiovascular and other diseases, and what is more serious is to cause long-term malignant changes in the human body such as cancer, mutation and distortion. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of drinking water in rural areas to ensure the safety of drinking water in rural areas. Real-time monitoring of rural drinking water sources, particulate matter, minerals and other water quality will be carried out and transmitted to the monitoring center in real time to ensure that new monitoring data will be uploaded, which will play a prominent role in strengthening water source protection and water pollution prevention and control. Under this monitoring system Realize the combination of prevention and control to ensure drinking water in rural areas. How to realize the monitoring of drinking water? A rapid detection method can be used for the hidden danger water in daily life. The water quality online monitor produced in Hangzhou is used to detect iron, arsenic, manganese, ammonia nitrogen, fluoride, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, residual chlorine, dioxide Chlorine, turbidity, cyanide, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, formaldehyde, urea, total chlorine, sulfide, phosphate, total phosphorus (20 items), thus ensuring drinking water.
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