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How to place the sample box when testing the online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
The online residual chlorine detector can be widely used in the detection of hypochlorous acid and residual chlorine concentration in the water process of food and beverage, medical and sanitation, CDC, tap water supply, secondary water supply, swimming pool, aquaculture and other industries, so as to control the residual chlorine in the water to reach the specified level water quality standards. The online residual chlorine detector uses the microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. When measuring, when the tested water sample is poured into the reagent, the water sample will change color. Then put the water sample into the photoelectric colorimetric seat, and the meter will compare the color depth to obtain the concentration of ions. Chlorine is a commonly used water agent with a wide range of applications, ranging from the treatment of drinking water and waste water to the sanitation of swimming pools and spas, as well as in food processing. The instrument is suitable for large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, domestic or industrial water quality ion concentration detection, in order to control the water quality to meet the specified water quality standards. When measuring, apply a polarization voltage of 50mV between the anode and the cathode, and the HOCl molecules will be consumed at the cathode through the permeable membrane to form a current proportional to the concentration of hypochlorous acid flowing through the electrode. The instrument detects this current and converts it into hypochlorite through calculation. At the same time, the pH electrode and temperature electrode detect the pH value and temperature of the solution, and the industrial online residual chlorine meter converts the residual chlorine content in the water according to the detected pH and temperature. The scored line of the glass sample box should face the operator; the glass sample box should be rinsed with distilled water after use. After washing, it should be turned upside down to prevent dust from entering; recharge in time after each use. The residual chlorine meter is an online residual chlorine analysis instrument. It is composed of a residual chlorine sensor and a residual chlorine meter. It can measure residual chlorine and temperature at the same time. It is widely used in electric power, water supply, medicine, chemical industry, food and other industries. Chlorine is measured continuously.
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