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How to prepare for the use of the total organic carbon analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
The total organic carbon analyzer is mainly used for water quality monitoring in the water treatment process or water use process. The measured water quality parameters participate in process control to achieve the purpose of optimizing the water treatment process and improving the efficiency of water treatment. The process-type online water quality monitor has higher requirements for the reliability and stability of the instrument. It requires the instrument to be able to reliably reflect the changing trend of water quality and provide a basis for water treatment process control. The use of this instrument has also become an important means of monitoring and controlling organic impurities in pharmaceutical water; in the municipal sewage treatment industry and aquaculture industry, the online monitoring of dissolved oxygen reduces energy consumption and operating costs, while ensuring water quality standards; On-line salt analysis instruments have also been gradually applied to help sewage treatment plants achieve optimal control of phosphorus removal and dechlorination processes and improve sewage discharge standards; in addition, online hardness and sodium ion analyzers are also used to optimize boiler influent treatment processes. Process preparation for the test process of the total organic carbon analyzer: The total organic carbon analyzer further improves the performance and operation convenience of the catalytic oxidation laboratory TOC analysis device. The instrument provides more optional accessories for the analysis and determination of seawater and small dose samples. In addition, the instrument has a space-saving and energy-saving design, and the stand-alone model offers multiple data output methods. Oxidation principles include catalytic combustion and wet chemical methods. Test preparation: 1. Place the instrument on a stable and clean operating platform; 2. Prepare a container for storing waste liquid, and connect the pipeline of the liquid outlet to the container; 3. Prepare the sample liquid to be tested. For instruments that have not been tested for a long time, the pipeline must be flushed, and the flushing time is generally about 15 to 30 minutes. The testing method of TOC online total organic carbon analyzer is automatic. Testers need to make preparations before the test, and do not need to adjust and be on duty during the specific test process.
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