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How to quickly judge whether the photometric water quality detector is working properly?

by:BOQU     2021-06-19

At present, the photometric water quality detector has been used in many applications in environmental testing water quality analysis. Its features of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and accurate data are deeply loved by environmental testing operators. In the process of use, sometimes there will be inaccurate measurements or no data. Users often don't know whether the problem lies in the instrument or the reagents, and how to judge whether the instrument is operating normally.

Today we have sorted out some simple judgment methods, and the intention is to hope that users can use simple methods to quickly judge whether the water quality detector is working properly.

1. Light source system

After turning on, the light source of the colorimetric cell glows, and the light intensity is normal and stable, indicating that the light source system is normal;

For the detector that can investigate the intensity of the light source, investigate the L value (light intensity). If the value is normal, it indicates that the colorimetric system is normal. The method is as follows:

① Do not put a cuvette in the cuvette, cover the cuvette cover, turn on the instrument to warm up for 10 minutes, and then investigate the L value;

② Before the cuvette is placed in the cuvette, the L value (light source intensity) should be stable under normal conditions, and its value will vary depending on the measurement target; the fluctuation scale should at least be controlled at the apparent value Within ±1%; For example, when the L value is about 1000, the fluctuation scale should be between 990-1010;

③ Open the upper cover of the cuvette, the ambient light penetrates into the cuvette, the L value will increase, the stronger the ambient light, the more the L value will increase; the cost test can be completed with the flashlight function of the mobile phone, Increase the value of L.

④ Put on the upper cover of the cuvette, and the L value has recovered to the apparent value in process ②;

If the L value meets the above rules, it can be judged that the colorimetric system of the instrument is normal;

Attention, during the test, the ambient temperature should avoid drastic changes;

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2. Display system

After booting, the LCD display screen has no garbled characters, no ghosting, no line shortage, the contrast is appropriate, the data is displayed intact, and the screen backlight is bright, indicating that the display system is normal;

3. Curve value

This value will affect the accuracy of the measurement data,

The value of curve a should be positive, if it shows negative or zeroes, you should enter the curve selection, select the required curve from the beginning,

The intercept b value may be positive or negative, and the smaller the b value, the closer the curve is to a straight line, that is, the better the linearity.

After the above methods, it is possible to quickly determine whether the detector itself is operating normally. If the instrument is operating normally and the measured data is inaccurate or unstable, the user can analyze other factors, such as the cause of the reagent or the interference of the water sample. s reason.

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