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How to simply judge whether the quality of well water is safe

by:BOQU     2023-03-19
Newly dug wells are often poured or built with cement, masonry and other materials. These building materials are soaked in water, and a large amount of floating dust will be dissolved or suspended into the water body in the early stage. Therefore, after the well is dug, Don’t rush to judge the quality of the well water right away. The well water should be drained once a day for more than a month, so that the building materials at the bottom of the well can be completely washed away from the floating dust, so that the water quality can be judged manually with the naked eye to prevent misjudgment caused by the floating dust of building materials. Excessive minerals are a common problem of poor water quality in many household wells. For new wells, take more well water, put it into a large pot and boil it repeatedly for cooling cycle operation. If after many cycles, a large amount of salt-like substances are found at the bottom of the pot, which is what we often call pot scale. Determine the water quality minerals exceed the standard. For new water wells, in order to verify whether the minerals exceed the standard, you can also use the method of drying or boiling a certain amount of well water to see if there is salt precipitation at the bottom of the container, or whether there is scale (salt) at the bottom of the pot. , if there is, the well water minerals exceed the standard more seriously. For wells that have been in use for many years, whether the minerals in the water exceed the standard can be judged by the containers used to hold hot water or boiled water. If scale appears frequently or in large quantities, the minerals exceed the standard. Excessive suspended matter is also a common water quality safety problem in many old and new wells. Exceeding the standard of suspended solids is often a problem with the water source. One possible situation is that the flow of the well water source is mud, and another possible situation is that the water source is polluted. There are suspended solids in many well waters, which are generally invisible to the naked eye and require some skill to observe. Put the pumped well water in an opaque dark container, let it stand for a while, and watch it under sunlight or flashlight light. Qualified well water can see less suspended matter and is small in size. Compared with the rules, if you see a lot of disorderly suspended matter, the suspended matter in the well water has exceeded the standard seriously. Now the pollution in various regions is becoming more and more serious, and various pollutants are polluting water bodies and water sources. Therefore, the water quality of old and new wells may have been infiltrated with pollutants. In order to roughly detect the degree of toxicity in the water quality, some small fish sensitive to water quality can be raised in well water. If a large number of small fish are found to die and other factors are excluded, it can be determined that the water quality has been polluted by toxic substances.
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