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How to solve the excessive ammonia nitrogen caused by internal reflux?

by:BOQU     2023-03-19
Ammonia nitrogen refers to the compound nitrogen that exists in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions, that is, the nitrogen that exists in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4+) in water. In our life, there are many factors that can cause various indicators in the water to exceed the standard. Internal backflow will lead to excessive ammonia nitrogen! In fact, there are two main reasons for internal return to cause ammonia nitrogen to exceed the standard: 1. There is an electrical fault in the internal oil return pump (there will also be a running signal when the site is stopped); Forward and reverse are not attempted, the scene is in reverse). Specific analysis: the excess ammonia nitrogen caused by internal reflux can be over-classified as the impact of organic matter. Because there is no reflux of nitrification liquid, the small amount of nitrate nitrogen carried by the external reflux of A pool is generally anaerobic, and the carbon source will only be hydrolyzed and acidified. It will not be fully metabolized into carbon dioxide to escape. As a result, a large amount of organic matter entered the aeration tank, causing the increase of ammonia nitrogen in the water to exceed the standard. How should we solve this problem: In fact, the problem of internal reaction is easy to be found, and whether it is a problem of internal reaction can be judged through data and trends. In the early stage, the nitrate nitrogen at the outlet of the O pool increased, the nitrate nitrogen of the A pool dropped to zero, and the pH value decreased. The specific solutions are as follows: 1. Find out the problem in time, how does the internal backflow lead to the increase of ammonia nitrogen, check the backflow pump in time, stop or reduce the water intake when it is stuffy, check and repair the internal backflow pump; 2. The nitrification system has collapsed, and should Stop fetching water. If the condition is urgent, biochemical sludge similar to the denitrification system can be added to speed up the recovery of the system. We can monitor the sewage in real time through the ammonia nitrogen online monitor, and we can know whether the ammonia nitrogen exceeds the standard from the data!
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