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How to treat wastewater with zero discharge of wastewater in domestic thermal power plants?

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
Electricity is an indispensable energy source for my country's economic development and people's lives. As my country's demand for electricity continues to increase, my country is also vigorously building power plants to meet the increasing demand for electricity. my country's power generation method is still dominated by thermal power plants. Especially in northern my country, most areas use thermal power plants to generate electricity. In order to effectively control the sewage discharge of thermal power plants, we must first fully understand the main sources and classification of thermal power plant wastewater. You must use zero-emission technology. How can zero discharge in thermal power plants treat wastewater? Acid and alkali wastewater Acid and alkali wastewater is one of the main wastewater discharged from thermal power plants, which comes from ion exchange water treatment and condensate polishing system. Usually, equipment such as cation bed, decarburizer, yin bed and mixed bed form an ion exchange water treatment system, which can help thermal power plants to treat sewage. However, when the ion exchange resin fails, it needs to be regenerated with acid or alkali, so that the ion capacity in the water can be effectively restored. When the cation resin is regenerated, the discharged wastewater is acidic. And when the anion resin is regenerated. The discharged waste water is alkaline, and the regenerated waste water enters the neutralization tank. However, during the water production process, the amount of ions removed from the cation resin is equivalent to twice the amount of ions removed from the anion resin. Also because of this, when the acid-base wastewater is fused together and injected into the neutralization tank, the water in the neutralization tank is generally acidic. Sewage in daily life A lot of domestic sewage is also discharged from thermal power plants, and these sewage are collected together and discharged, which brings great pollution to the environment. And when summer comes, the sewage will also release an unpleasant smell, which greatly damages the air quality of our country. Ash flushing water Thermal equipment chemical cleaning and discharge wastewater from deactivation protection will produce a lot of wastewater when ash flushing power generation equipment, in addition, some discharge wastewater from deactivation protection will also be generated. For example, in the process of plant production, sewage and mechanical cooling water discharged from some equipment will be generated.
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