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How to use COD analyzer to ensure the accuracy of experimental results?

by:BOQU     2021-09-08

Focus on helping customers provide overall experimental solutions, helping to solve the difficult situation of customers in the industry for scientific instrument selection and maintenance. Since the online COD analyzer is experimental equipment that many laboratories will have, everyone who uses the online COD analyzer hopes that it can function effectively. However, if it is not operated correctly, it will affect the use of the instrument. The following points are the items that must be paid attention to during operation, and the accuracy of the experimental results can be ensured by doing as required.

1. Before using the instrument, it must be turned on and warmed up. Generally, it is sufficient to warm up for 30 minutes. Do not place the instrument in a place exposed to strong light, and do not store and use the online COD analyzer in a dusty or high-temperature environment, otherwise, it will affect the accuracy.

2. If you want to move the COD tester, please use light hands and feet to avoid a collision or strong vibration, otherwise, the light path of the instrument will be damaged.

3. Do not disassemble or modify the internal structure of the instrument without authorization. It is easy to damage the instrument and even cause accidents.

4. Do not spill the solution into the colorimetric tank.

5. Reagents for the instrument should be stored reasonably and the quality of the reagents should be maintained.

6. It is necessary to pay attention to safety when using the online COD analyzer, and it is very necessary to do a good job of personal protection.

In short, maintenance must not be neglected in the use of the COD meter. Maintenance will not be effective in the short term, but if you persist for a long time, the service life of the equipment will be prolonged. This can be seen. So don't be afraid of troubles, and insist on doing a good job of maintenance.

The online COD analyzer is a machine that can directly measure without adjusting the wavelength or making a curve. The operation is very simple. It greatly improves the accuracy of the experiment and reduces the complexity of the operation. Therefore, the use of a set of COD detector is very necessary for both the enterprise and the unit.

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