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How to use the online turbidimeter correctly?

by:BOQU     2022-02-09

On-line turbidity meter needs to be used in the process of sewage treatment. It has built-in microprocessor, advanced configuration and powerful functions. The online turbidity meter is a very precise turbidity measuring instrument. The product has a compact structure, built-in backlight LCD screen, and data storage. , relay control output (3 channels). The turbidity controller outputs a 4~20mA isolated signal to transmit reliable data wherever turbidity needs to be monitored and controlled.

Online turbidity meter can better target water treatment resources and optimize the control of water treatment process through reliable non-contact continuous measurement of water turbidity. Turbidimeter applications include municipal water supply, drinking water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, comprehensive purification tanks, pulp and paper industry, wastewater treatment plants, manure treatment plants, chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment, and livestock wastewater treatment.

Main features:

1. The photoelectric sensor belt is automatically cleaned, and the cleaning time can be set.

2.LCD display screen/intelligent digitization/menu operation.

3. The instrument range can be set arbitrarily, and the function status can be detected.

How to use the online turbidimeter correctly:

1. During the measurement, there should be no dirty spots in the two optical paths of the cuvette, and no water stains on the two sides and bottom.

2. When using an old cuvette to hold the sample and '0' water during measurement, it should be filled with water at the same time before the sample is tested.

3. Measure the other position difference (cylinder difference) of the two sample cups, and make corresponding corrections in the subsequent sample turbidity measurement values.

4. If there are few samples to be measured, the same cuvette can be used for zero calibration and sample measurement, so that the old cuvette will not be brought into the cylinder regardless of whether the agency reports the difference, which is conducive to the stability of the test data and avoids unnecessary operations error.

After the light wave emitted by the online turbidimeter on the sensor is absorbed, the measured object is reflected and scattered during the transmission process, part of the transmitted light can be irradiated on the detector in a 180-degree direction, and part of the scattered light can be 90 degrees degree direction scattering on the detector. The detectors in the 180 and 90 directions have some relationship with the measurement of the turbidity of the sewage, so the turbidity of the sewage can be calculated by measuring the intensity of the transmitted and scattered light.

Due to the high turbidity of the incoming water from the off-site reservoir, the measuring room of the turbidimeter needs to be cleaned frequently (once every four days on average). Once every 30 days), the online turbidimeter has the self-cleaning function of the scraper, which is relatively convenient to maintain but the cost is a little high, but it is still recommended to choose a turbidity meter with a self-cleaning function to reduce maintenance and save money Save time.

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