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How to use the portable residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
The portable residual chlorine detector uses DPD photometry to accurately measure the residual chlorine content in water quality. Using this method can greatly improve the measurement accuracy, and its use method is also relatively simple. Let's take a look at it together. How to use the portable residual chlorine detector 1. Press the 'Power|ON/OFF' button to turn on the machine, and when the screen displays 'IDLE', it means the start-up is complete. 2. Take an appropriate amount of water sample to moisten the colorimetric bottle and bottle cap. After pouring out, take 5ml of water sample (at the mark) and inject it into the colorimetric bottle, cover it, use a lens cloth to wipe off the water stains or fingerprints on the surface of the colorimetric bottle, and then place it in the colorimetric tank. 3. Use the instrument cover to cover the colorimetric bottle (shading) in a vertical direction, and press the 'Zero Adjustment' button to perform zero adjustment. 4. When the screen displays '0.00', it means that the zero adjustment is completed. Take out the colorimetric bottle, open the cover, and add a pack of residual chlorine reagent to it, and close the cover. 5. Shake the colorimetric bottle up and down to dissolve the reagent as much as possible. If there are bubbles attached to the wall, tilt the colorimetric bottle slightly to discharge the air bubbles and wipe off the water stains or fingerprints on the surface. 6. After standing still for 20 seconds, place the colorimetric bottle in the colorimetric tank, cover the colorimetric bottle (shading) with the cover of the instrument, press the 'read' button to read, the value displayed in the center of the screen is the measured residual chlorine concentration value (Unit: mg/L). The above is the introduction of the use method of the portable residual chlorine detector. Compared with other water quality detectors, the use method of this instrument is relatively simple, but in practical applications, some usage matters need to be paid attention to to ensure the accuracy of the detection. If you are not sure how to use the residual chlorine detector, you can refer to the method in this article or consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer, so as to achieve the purpose of using the instrument correctly.
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