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Importance of industrial boiler water quality monitoring

by:BOQU     2021-06-13

The boiler is the first of special equipment. With the development of society, more and more people pay attention to the boiler. The water quality of the boiler is known as the blood of the boiler, the core of the boiler, and it plays an important role in the safe and economic operation of the boiler. It is important to monitor the water quality so that each item meets the standard, so as to better promote the safety, economy, energy-saving, and environmental protection of the boiler operation.

Industrial boilers are widely used in power, machinery, chemical, and other industrial sectors and people's daily lives. According to the steam pressure and flow rate generated by the boiler, it can be divided into the high-pressure boiler, medium pressure boiler, low-pressure boiler, and large capacity (large) boiler, medium-capacity (medium) boiler, and small capacity (small) boiler. Industrial boilers are generally low-pressure and small-capacity boilers. The steam or hot water produced by them does not require excessive pressure and temperature, and the capacity is not too large. The pressure is generally below 2.5 MPa (25 atmospheres), and the temperature is generally Saturated steam temperature (or overheating, the temperature of superheated steam is not too high, generally below 400 ℃).

What are the hazards to the boiler due to poor water quality?

1. Scaling, 

the boiler is a heat exchange device that produces hot water or steam, and water is the energy transfer medium for the heat exchange process. When the water is heated in the boiler, the impurities in the water will react and concentrate, thereby forming scale.

2. Corrosion

If the boiler water contains oxygen, acid, and other substances, the metal surfaces of the pressure parts of the boiler will corrode, and the metal objects will become thin, sinking, and even perforated, reducing the service life of the boiler.

3. Soda and drink together

The co-piping of soda and water will cause the steam to take away many foamy water droplets and increase the salt content. In this way, the salt content of the steam will affect the heat transfer and damage the equipment; The quality of heating products has been severely affected. In addition, it may also cause false water levels, which can cause water shortages in the boiler and cause accidents in severe cases, which will affect safe operation.

So after the boiler scales, what impact will it have on the boiler?

①, fuel wasted. After long-term fouling of the boiler, the thermal performance of the heating surface of the boiler will be weakened. The heat of combustion cannot be transferred to the water in time, and the heat will be lost, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

②. Affect the safety of boiler operation. After the boiler fouls, the boiler metal will be locally overheated and its strength will decrease. When the pressure of the boiler is high enough, accidents such as bulging and storage may occur.

③. Affect the water vapor cycle. When the heating pipe becomes fouled, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe circulation will be reduced, the fluidity of the water circulation will become worse, and the severity will also cause blockage.

④. Cause economic losses. The metal structure can also cause corrosion of the metal under the scale, damage the heated area, shorten the actual service life of the boiler, and increase maintenance and cleaning costs.

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