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In-depth understanding of the functional advantages of the total nitrogen rapid detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
Advantages of the total nitrogen rapid detector: 1. The rapid total nitrogen rapid detector can provide simple and easy rapid determination results, and the readings are directly displayed in the form of concentration. For example, for the determination of COD, the whole process only takes 25 minutes to obtain the measurement results. 2. High precision and good repeatability The test results will have a direct impact on the next measures to be taken, so the accuracy and reliability of the test results is an important requirement. The team has many years of research and development experience, strong technical advantages, and the stable and reliable spectral analysis system ensures accurate and repeatable readings of the measurement results, which can fully meet the needs for the accuracy of the measurement results. 3. Portable on-site laboratory In order to meet the needs of field emergency testing and on-site inspection, it is a very important factor to solve the measurement of multiple parameters. The total nitrogen rapid detector can complete the on-site determination of multiple parameters, including the determination of total phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, and COD. Features of rapid detection of total nitrogen: 01. Using cold light and monochromatic light as light source, narrow-band interference, optical stability, no interference from various lights, and light source life of up to 100,000 hours; 02. National standard method improvement scheme, accurate , Rapid determination of ammonia nitrogen content in water quality, direct reading of concentration; 03. Adopt graphical interface, color touch screen operation, simple operation, clear display, accurate reading, stable and reliable; 04. Direct display of wavelength, transmittance, absorbance, concentration and standard Curve; 05. It has a large-capacity memory, which can save 30,000 sets of test results, and has a data viewing function that supports query by date; 06. It has nearly a hundred working curves, and users can modify and save them by themselves. Expand new projects; 07. Support interface help, you can call the instrument's built-in operation guide at any time, and view the measurement steps of the selected parameters; 08. Equipped with RS232 communication interface, can directly communicate with the computer; Total nitrogen rapid detector Features: 1 , To ensure the high accuracy of measurement: the quantitative system adopts the photoelectric quantitative technology of the United States, the sampling is more accurate, and only 1.4 ml of reagent is needed each time; the digestion device technology of the United States is used to ensure fast and sufficient digestion; And the receiving system, free from the interference of colored substances; Standard samples and quality control samples can be controlled within a maximum error range of 1%, and wastewater can be controlled within a maximum error range of 1.5%. 2. To ensure the stability of the product: the American MasterFlex peristaltic pump technology is adopted, and the constant speed ensures the accuracy of the sample injection; the advanced optical path and small signal protection circuit design are adopted to ensure the continuous stability of the sample; the sampling system adopts the nine channels of Germany valve technology, completely get rid of the oppression and aging problems of pipelines; adopt the special power supply system of European power system, prevent electromagnetic interference and grid instability; optional original pretreatment system, the system includes: self-cleaning, back blowing, precision The filtering function ensures that the samples are well represented, and at the same time avoids the clogging of the pipeline by suspended particles, ensures the continuity of the data, and reduces the cost of manual cleaning of the pipeline. 3. Low after-sales cost: Original imported full zui ultra-abrasive peristaltic pump tube; all pipelines are made of imported 3-fluorine and 4-fluorine materials with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, with an inner diameter of 1.5mm and no plugging; the storage capacity is 2 10,000 records, the earliest data will be automatically overwritten when the storage is full, and the data will not be lost when the power is off; when the mains power is off, it can automatically stop working and stand by, and it will automatically reset when it is powered on; regular cleaning of the pipeline (time can be set), every After the first sample cleaning pipeline (switch can be set). 4. More comfortable operation: equipped with an imported 7-inch, 70,000-color, 800*480 resolution, TFT true-color touch screen; the interface software is easy to operate, and you only need to remember three buttons to operate the entire instrument; with monitoring animation, Monitor all signals and parameter status of the instrument; standard support Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese, and can expand all languages ​​​​as required; optional high-quality micro-industrial printers (switches can be set); regular sample making (time can be set ), supports remote start-up and sampling; the storage capacity is 20,000 records (expandable to 40,000 records), and the earliest data will be automatically overwritten when the storage is full, and the data will not be lost when the power is off. 5. Ensure networking: RS232 interface (convertible RS485 interface, open communication protocol), meeting the requirements of digital networking; 4-20mA analog output (20mA corresponds to adjustable range), easy networking; support MODBUS protocol, can upload instrument data , status signals, etc., and supports remote start of all control actions such as sample making, calibration, and cleaning. The remote operation seems to be the same as on-site, fully meeting the needs of the Internet of Things.
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