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In-depth understanding of the main points of sewage monitoring quality

by:BOQU     2023-03-18
When it comes to the monitoring of sewage, this is one of the important issues that human beings are concerned about at present. Water pollution is a difficult problem in environmental governance. The purpose of studying the monitoring quality of water pollution is to promote the improvement of water environment and provide people with good water resources. The following editor will learn with you several key points to improve the quality of sewage monitoring. 1. Do a good job in the routine monitoring of the water environment The routine monitoring of the water environment is a routine work to improve the quality of water pollution monitoring. Routine water quality monitoring should establish the necessary management system and operation system. The selection, application and maintenance of instruments and equipment must be operated by professional hydrologists. In the process of sample storage and inspection, testing should be carried out according to the standardized requirements of the laboratory. Routine monitoring should be carried out regularly and at regular intervals to cultivate good working habits of testing personnel to ensure that monitoring work can be carried out normally in accordance with regulations. Routine monitoring is the daily mechanism of water pollution monitoring, and it is necessary to form an effective awareness of prevention and control in daily work. 2. Guarantee the quality of collected samples The basis for water pollution monitoring is the collected water samples. Sample collection is related to the actual effect of water pollution monitoring work. In the sample collection work, it is necessary to pay attention to the resource base of sampling, ensure the key collection parts, and implement parallel management of sample collection. After the samples are collected, the samples should be classified and coded in time to ensure that the collected samples represent the water sources in multiple regions. Water pollution samples are usually collected frequently and of various types. Therefore, the classification and coding of samples requires the establishment of an effective modular management system to ensure the quality of samples. 3. Strictly grasp the process of analysis and testing In water pollution monitoring, a central part of the work is the analysis and testing of samples. Analytical testing plays an important role in the entire monitoring process. The effectiveness of the analysis and testing work must be ensured, and the problems reflected in the samples must be detected within the specified time. In the analysis and detection stage, it is necessary to coordinate the unification of personnel, equipment and environment. Focus on analyzing the samples detected in key parts. For example, during the testing process, it is necessary to appropriately increase the design of inserting samples, and in special cases, rationally dilute the samples to ensure the complete expression of the components of the water samples. Fourth, pay attention to the rationality of data analysis Data processing is a step in water pollution monitoring. Data processing and analysis is the core of quality control. In the process of data analysis, it is necessary to strictly verify and carefully proofread the monitoring data. When a water pollution incident occurs, the existing problems should be reasonably analyzed and a comprehensive report should be formed to provide a basis for decision makers. In data processing, attention should be paid to specific analysis of specific issues. For example, when water pollution is serious, detection should be carried out according to concentration, and necessary units of measurement should be used for measurement. Errors of magnitude should not be ignored in order to express monitoring results unambiguously. Therefore, data rationality analysis is an important basis for ensuring the quality of water pollution monitoring.
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