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In sewage treatment engineering, the importance and relationship between COD and BOD

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
In the sewage treatment project, in order to make the treated water meet the standard discharge, water quality monitoring equipment will be used to test the water quality in every link of sewage treatment. According to the data measured by the water quality monitoring equipment, corresponding treatment methods will be adopted to make this link The water quality index meets the requirements, and then enters the next treatment link. Among these water quality monitoring indicators, the two most important indicators are COD and BOD. The reason why COD and BOD are commonly used pollution indicators in sewage treatment projects is that COD (chemical oxygen demand) is the amount of oxidant consumed when a certain strong oxidant is used to treat wastewater under certain conditions. It reflects the degree of material pollution in water, the greater the chemical oxygen demand, the more serious the pollution of organic matter in water. BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) refers to the mass concentration of dissolved oxygen required for the biochemical process of microbial decomposition of organic matter in water under aerobic conditions. In order to make the BOD detection values ​​comparable, a period of time is generally specified, and the consumption of dissolved oxygen in water is determined. Generally, five days are used, which is called five-day biochemical oxygen demand, recorded as BOD5, and five-day biochemical oxygen demand is often used. . The larger the BOD value, the more organic matter is contained in the water, so the pollution is more serious. BOD is an environmental monitoring index used to monitor the pollution of organic matter in water. Organic matter can be decomposed by microorganisms. Oxygen is consumed during this process. If the dissolved oxygen in water is not enough to supply the needs of microorganisms, the water body will be treated for pollution.
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