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In which environments water needs to be monitored for water quality

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
Water is the source of life, good water quality is good for health, and polluted water quality is equivalent to chronic poison. Regardless of whether it is commercial water or domestic water, water quality monitoring must be carried out regularly to ensure water quality safety. However, in daily life, we only know that the tap water used by residents is sterilized, and ordinary people do not know the water quality in other places. So, in our life and work, which environment water needs water quality monitoring? In the public buildings of the public environment schools, in the cold water storage tanks of the school drinking water, it is recommended that the water can be changed every day. The water quality should be monitored regularly, and the content of calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water should be recorded frequently. Because when the water quality is stored, the change of the ambient temperature will increase the probability of bacterial reproduction. While passing on knowledge, the school must also ensure the safety of children's drinking water, so it is necessary to understand this risk. Commercial and household water Whether commercial water is in the catering industry or in the industrial environment, the water quality must be monitored regularly to ensure that the water quality will not cause physical safety hazards. When the industry is in production, it can also prevent water factors from causing certain damage to product quality. damage. In household water use, some residents store water purifiers in their homes, but the quality of the water purifiers is uneven. With the clean water source seen by the naked eye, there may not be less harmful substances. Therefore, in daily water use, regular water quality monitoring It is also beneficial and harmless. Risk environment In the cities of our country, there are few large-scale heavy industries, and the factories are generally located in the suburban areas far from the city center. When the surface water flows through these areas, some chemical substances in the factories will be absorbed by the surface The water is taken away, thereby causing water pollution, so it is necessary to monitor these surface waters frequently. Although now we have the awareness of protecting the environment, when the factory emits gas, it is also treated, and it is no longer black smoke. There are also some formal enterprises that will strengthen preventive measures when dealing with pollution. In some cases, corresponding preventive measures will be taken in advance to reduce the risk. However, there are also some informal or small enterprises. In order to save costs, they will directly discharge untreated industrial waste into the water source environment, causing serious environmental pollution to surface water and groundwater. Therefore, relevant departments need to use real-time online water quality monitoring. The system monitors the water source of the river and grasps the water quality. Factors such as large-scale environmental human activities, crustal movement, and global climate change are all affecting our living environment and water for life. Water in nature is inclusive, and it can absorb a large amount of substances in the air, so environmental changes will also have a certain impact on water quality. In fact, monitoring water quality can ensure that our water supply environment is not affected by external factors, and even if it is affected, remedial measures can be taken. Changes in water quality can affect a variety of life on earth. Water quality is not only an important source of energy for terrestrial organisms, but also more important for aquatic organisms. It is an environment for aquatic organisms to survive. The oxygen level, nutrients, photosynthesis There are requirements for water quality. Aquatic organisms use water quality as an indicator of seasonal variation and therefore migration and reproduction. If there is a big difference between the temperature and humidity of the water, it will affect the ecosystem of aquatic organisms. The water body has high heat and low oxygen, which will reduce the oxygen uptake of aquatic organisms. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the parameters of water quality in real time. Although water is a renewable resource, it should be protected as an indispensable part of life.
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