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In which fields can the portable multi-parameter water quality analyzer be used?

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
The portable multi-parameter water quality analyzer adopts a digestion and colorimetric integrated tube, which makes the detection easier and safer. The instrument is the best choice for field water quality testing due to its small appearance, fast detection, simple operation, and low cost. Widely used in industry, municipal, environmental protection, education and other fields. It can be used in emergency monitoring, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospital wastewater, food, printing and dyeing and other industries wastewater detection, and can also be used in research and use of wastewater in scientific research units, colleges and other institutions. User-friendly and convenient operation, large-capacity storage function, through the infrared data transmission IRiM adapter or USB data interface, the measurement results can be stored and transmitted to the computer for further analysis, printing and other operations. It is suitable for comprehensive analysis and rapid detection of water quality in the field and in the laboratory. Application fields of portable multi-parameter water quality analyzer products: 1. Used for environmental protection monitoring such as air and pollution source discharge; 2. Used for industrial process control of petroleum, chemical industry, power station, etc.; 3. Used in fields such as agriculture, medical health and scientific research; 4 .Determination of gas content in various combustion tests in the laboratory; 5.Used for air monitoring in public places. The portable multi-parameter water quality analyzer integrates digestion and measurement, and also provides more spare partitions to realize the carrying of digestion tubes, cuvettes, measurement reagents, pipette guns and other testing necessities. Not only can it detect water quality indicators that do not need to be digested, such as ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, and suspended solids, but it can also detect water quality indicators that need to be digested, such as COD, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen. The digestion part and the measurement part are controlled by independent power switches and can be operated separately. The digestion and measurement process does not affect each other. The two processes are integrated into one instrument, which truly realizes portability. You only need to carry one instrument when you go out to operate or move. .
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