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Influence of Sampling Time on Measuring Results of Benchtop Ammonia Nitrogen Meter

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
The determination method of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater adopts the principle of ammonia sensitive electrode. The desktop ammonia nitrogen analyzer occupies the market of sewage treatment plants and surface water monitoring with fully automatic functions. The instrument can monitor ammonia nitrogen in water online in real time. The desktop ammonia nitrogen analyzer has the function of automatic flow monitoring, which monitors whether the pipeline is blocked or damaged throughout the process, intelligently prompts whether the reagent needs to be filled or replaced, and automatically cuts off water and power; the automatic constant temperature function is suitable for ammonia nitrogen testing; automatic cleaning and calibration functions; automatic background The value correction function ensures good reproducibility and stability; Automatically adjust the test interval function to save reagent consumption; The early warning function can remind the user how much time is left before the next maintenance; The chart record function can display daily/weekly/monthly report charts . In order to measure the COD of the treated high-concentration wastewater and medium-concentration wastewater, it is necessary to stopper the sample bottle stopper before sampling, and then shake it sufficiently to disperse various granular and block substances in the water as much as possible, thereby helping to remove Some more uniform and representative water samples. In addition, for the basically qualified wastewater that becomes clear and low in concentration after treatment, the water sample must be shaken thoroughly, and the sample must be taken for measurement with an ammonia nitrogen analyzer. During the determination of chemical oxygen demand in a large amount of sewage, it was found that fully shaken water samples were not prone to deviation. Typicality and representativeness of the sampling method can thus be obtained. Because there are many inhomogeneous suspended solids in the sewage, if the sample cannot be sampled quickly after shaking, the suspended solids will sink quickly. The suction port of the sampling pipette is distributed in the upper, middle and lower positions of the sample bottle, and the concentration of the obtained water samples is also different, especially the composition of suspended solids is very different, which is not correct. In order to accurately reflect the actual situation of sewage, the measurement results are not representative. Therefore, it is necessary to sample the water sample immediately after shaking the water sample. Although there will be a large number of bubbles in the shaking mode, the sample volume will increase due to the residual bubbles, but the error caused by the volume and the error caused by the deviation from the sample representativeness can not be taken into account.
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