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Installation requirements for the monitoring station of the wastewater on-line monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The wastewater online monitoring system needs to be equipped with a monitoring station during the monitoring process, that is, we can observe the operation of the system in the monitoring station, and we also need to pay attention to some requirements when installing the testing station. Let’s take a look together below. Installation requirements for the monitoring station building of the wastewater online monitoring system 1. The installation area of ​​the monitoring station building should not be less than 15 square meters, and the height should be 2.8 meters. It should be equipped with windows or ventilation fans as much as possible, fluorescent lamps should be installed on the ceiling, and the ground should be stable. 2. The location of the monitoring station should be close to the sampling point, and the distance from the water quality sampling point should be less than 50 m. 3. Heating and cooling air conditioners should be installed in the monitoring station to keep the indoor temperature at 18-25°C and the humidity within 60%. It is also necessary to install a thermo-hygrometer to keep the indoor environment clean. 4. The monitoring station should be equipped with qualified power distribution equipment, which can provide stable power. 5. The wiring should be standardized and lightning protection measures should be taken to install anti-theft and avoid man-made damage to the facilities. (1) Install the main power switch and leakage protection switch, and take perfect grounding arrangement and lightning protection measures. The grounding cable needs to use a single-core sheathed cable larger than 4 square meters. (2) The monitoring station room, AC power supply equipment, cabinets, monitoring system and equipment casing, pipe cable shielding layer and casing, etc. need to be grounded for lightning protection, and multi-point grounding can be adopted. Cables and signal lines need to be equipped with lightning protection devices. 6. The monitoring station building should be equipped with a fire extinguisher box, arranged according to the relevant requirements of fire protection. 7. The monitoring station cannot be installed in a communication blind area, and should be in a position where data can be transmitted at any time. 8. The installation location of the monitoring station should be reasonable to avoid negative impact on the ecological environment. 9. Video monitoring equipment should be installed in the monitoring station and sampling port. 10. During the construction of the monitoring station, it is necessary to reserve some holes for the water sample pretreatment system to facilitate pipeline laying or connection. Holes of Ф40~50 should be opened on the wall, and the height of 100mm should be kept with the indoor ground. The above are the requirements for the installation of the monitoring station for the wastewater on-line monitoring system. These requirements should be fulfilled as much as possible to ensure that the wastewater can be analyzed and monitored in real time.
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