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Instrument characteristics and measurement principle of total phosphorus online analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
The total phosphorus online analyzer analyzes the concentration of the sample according to the difference between the initial color of the sample and the color after adding the color developer, and compares the difference between the two. BOQU Instruments supplies total phosphorus online analyzers suitable for various industries. They can provide reasonable and economical solutions according to customer requirements. The total phosphorus online analyzer produced by the company adopts a micro-analysis module with a longer optical path, which can greatly reduce the amount of reagents used by users and improve the accuracy of the instrument. It can also adjust the analysis range according to the needs of users and realize remote control. And upload analysis data in real time. So, what are the instrument characteristics and measurement principles of the total phosphorus online analyzer? Features of total phosphorus online analyzer: 1. Total phosphorus online analyzer/total phosphorus automatic analyzer can automatically analyze total phosphorus and orthophosphorus, and directly display the concentration of phosphorus-containing corrosion and scale inhibitors; 2. Total phosphorus online analyzer / The total phosphorus automatic analyzer adopts the molybdenum blue method that conforms to the standard method (DIN38 405 D11); 3. The response speed is fast, and the determination of total phosphorus only takes 10 minutes; 4. The total phosphorus online analyzer / total phosphorus automatic analysis The instrument has an automatic calibration function with high accuracy; 5. It has an automatic cleaning function and requires less maintenance; 6. It is equipped with a safety protection panel and has high safety; 7. The measurement results of total phosphorus can be displayed in graphics or data; online analysis of total phosphorus Measuring principle of the instrument: The determination of phosphorus is through the hydrolysis of polyphosphate and other phosphorus-containing compounds in water under acidic conditions of high temperature and high pressure to form phosphate radicals; for other difficult-to-oxidize phosphorus compounds, they are oxidized by the strong oxidant sodium persulfate to Phosphate. Phosphate ions in a strong acid solution containing molybdate generate an antimony compound, which is reduced to blue phosphomolybdate by ascorbic acid. Measure the absorbance of phosphomolybdate and compare it with the standard to get the total phosphorus content of the sample. Shanghai BOQU Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of water analysis sensors and water analysis instruments. In 2015, it was awarded as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. BOQU Instruments has been engaged in the water quality monitoring instrument industry for many years, and always adheres to the 'customer-centered' approach. Every BOQU person keeps in mind the corporate mission of 'being the bright eyes of the earth's water quality monitoring', continuously optimizes products and services, and takes water quality monitoring as a lifelong career. , Serve every customer with heart!
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