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Interfering Factors in the Measurement of On-line Residual Chlorine Analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
The online residual chlorine analyzer consists of two parts: a sensor and a secondary meter. It can measure residual chlorine, pH value and temperature at the same time. It can be widely used as an instrument for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine and pH value of various water qualities in industries such as electric power, waterworks, and hospitals. The measurement of the online residual chlorine analyzer is mainly affected by the following factors. 1. Disturbance of flow and pressure. In the process of using the electrode method to measure residual chlorine, the flow and pressure changes of the sample flowing through the surface of the probe will interfere with the measured value of residual chlorine and cause errors. The electrode method residual chlorine meter is designed with various forms of flow cells, but these interferences cannot be completely overcome. In particular, the flow at the end of the pipe network is greatly affected by the peak water consumption, and the pressure and flow often fluctuate, which will interfere with the measurement of residual chlorine by the electrode method. Changes in sample pressure will change the thickness of the electrolyte between the electrode surface and the membrane, and will also bring slight changes to the tension of the covering membrane and the porosity of the membrane, which will cause the wrong response of the residual chlorine monitoring probe and cause measurement errors. 2. The online residual chlorine analyzer detects the content of the three components based on the change of pH value in the water. The sample pH between 5-7 is an important condition for detecting the concentration of hypochlorous acid in water. Because in this pH range, the concentration of hypochlorous acid in the water is relatively high, and the interference can be relatively minimized. Therefore, sample pre-acidification is the most important condition for the accuracy of residual chlorine detection. Fixing the range of pH changes can well limit the interference caused by pH changes in the sample. Otherwise, even if the analysis system has the function of pH automatic compensation, the measurement accuracy of the online residual chlorine analyzer will still have problems. Excluding the interference caused by the change of sample flow, pressure and pH value can effectively improve the measurement accuracy of the online residual chlorine analyzer.
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