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Introduce the advantages of using the portable oil particle size analyzer, you are worth reading

by:BOQU     2023-03-16
Portable oil particle size meter can monitor and analyze oil particle size, cleanliness and pollutants; hydraulic equipment and its daily maintenance and maintenance; wear test of hydraulic components; test of insoluble particles in pure solution and ultrapure water. This instrument adopts the core technology of British Prodi; photoresist measurement of particles, and adopts the classic method of the oil industry, and can be built in various standards required by users according to the requirements of users. Classic application software platform, cleaning, detection, calibration and calibration of each module can realize convenient setting and operation, built-in threshold value, particle size curve and pulse resistance value, can set the particle size value of any set channel. New microcomputer color screen display, built-in operating system and micro-printer, can directly test and print without external computer and printer. With a standard serial port, it can be connected to an external computer to store the test results, which is convenient for data classification and retrieval. Application of portable oil particle size meter: It can be widely used in aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing, refrigeration, electronics, semiconductor, engineering machinery, hydraulic system and other fields. Lubricating oil, transformer oil (edge ​​oil), steam turbine oil (turbine oil), gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil and other oils are used for solid particle pollution detection, and for organic liquids and polymer solutions. Detection of insoluble particulates. The advantages of using the portable oil particle size meter: Online advantages: oil filter, cleaning machine, steam turbine unit, transformer, electric drive system, lubrication system, testing test bench, etc., any unattended site or running equipment, Continuous monitoring and timely data are required, which are the classic application places of PLD online particle analysis system, and are an important part of the production line. Integrated structure, RS232 and analog signal output, meet the requirements of DCS and field instrument display. Online, real-time, continuous sampling, and alarm prompts can instantly grasp and analyze the dynamic pollution diagnosis and wear trend of the hydraulic system. LCD screen display, membrane button operation, the results are displayed in standard. Economical, practical and low cost, small and light, easy to install, strong anti-interference, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong shell, and can be used in harsh environments. Offline advantage: It satisfies the defect of non-mobile testing of laboratory desktops. Whether you are performing mobile or laboratory measurements, it will provide you with a complete testing solution to make your testing more convenient. To solve the production process problems of continuous tracking and monitoring, whether you are real-time measurement or filter tracking monitoring, we will provide you with a complete test plan to make your test faster. The combination of off-line sampling chambers can realize the detection of various oils with large and small viscosities, and the optimized detection scheme and evaluation can meet the standard test evaluation and custom design detection. The application software platform loads domestic and foreign mainstream detection methods and evaluation standards to realize the seamless connection of standardized detection.
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