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Introduce the measurement principle of the suspended solids concentration meter

by:BOQU     2023-03-16
The suspended solids concentration meter is an online analysis instrument designed for measuring the suspended solids concentration in the municipal sewage or industrial wastewater treatment process. Whether evaluating activated sludge and the entire biological treatment process, analyzing wastewater discharged after purification treatment or detecting sludge concentrations at different stages, the suspended solids sludge meter gives continuous and accurate measurement results. Suspended solids concentration meter measurement principle The infrared light sent by the transmitter on the sensor is absorbed, reflected and scattered by the measured object during transmission, and only a small part of the light can irradiate the detector. The transmittance of the transmitted light is the same as that of the measured sewage. There is a certain relationship between the concentration of the sewage, so the concentration of the sewage can be calculated by measuring the transmittance of the transmitted light. The sensor of the photoelectric suspended solids concentration meter uses four-beam technology. The four-beam technology uses two emitters and two detectors. The light sent by each emitter is transmitted and irradiated on the two detectors, thus generating a series of The optical path is used to obtain a data matrix, and then by analyzing these data signals, the accurate concentration of suspended matter in the medium can be obtained, and the interference can be effectively eliminated, and the deviation caused by pollution can be compensated, so that the instrument can work in a harsh environment. The Chinese online suspended solids concentration meter adopts high-precision AD conversion and single-chip microprocessing technology; it can complete various functions such as sludge concentration measurement, automatic range conversion, and instrument self-inspection. High reliability: The components are integrated into one circuit board, without complicated function switches, adjustment knobs and potentiometers. Strong anti-interference ability: The current output adopts photoelectric coupling isolation technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and realizes remote transmission. Has good electromagnetic compatibility. Waterproof and dustproof design: protection grade IP65, suitable for outdoor use. RS485 communication interface: it can be easily connected to a computer for monitoring and communication. Full Chinese display, friendly interface: High-resolution dot matrix LCD display module is adopted, all data, status and operation prompts are displayed in Chinese, and there are no symbols or codes defined by the manufacturer.
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