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Introduce the normal use conditions of the portable residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
The portable residual chlorine measuring instrument can directly measure residual chlorine and total chlorine in water. This method has the characteristics of simple operation and high sensitivity. It is widely used in on-site rapid detection of water quality in the fields of urban water supply, food and beverage, environment, medical treatment, chemistry, pharmacy, thermoelectricity, papermaking, aquaculture, bioengineering, fermentation technology, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical industry, water treatment, etc. Technical indicators 1. Measuring range: residual chlorine and total chlorine: 0.02~10.00mg/L2. Minimum resolution: 0.01mg/L3. Indication error: ≤±3%(F.S)4. Repeatability: ≤2%5. Optical stability: The absorbance value of the instrument drifts less than 0.002A6 within 20min. Dimensions: 80mm×230mm×55mm7. Weight: 500g8. Normal use conditions: ⑴Ambient temperature: 5~40℃ ⑵Relative humidity: ≤85%⑶Power supply : 4 AA batteries (4) No significant vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight. Product features: 1. High-performance ultra-low power consumption 16-bit microcontroller. 2. LCD large-screen liquid crystal display, easy to operate and intuitive. 3. The instrument is convenient and small, easy to carry on-site detection 4. Can save 20 standard curves and 199 measured values ​​(including residual chlorine value, light absorption value and light transmittance with time label year, month, day, hour, minute, second ) 5. Cold light source, narrow-band interference optical system, good optical stability. 6. Data power failure protection function. 7. The casing of the host machine is made of molded ABS material, IP65 design, good anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance. The product is equipped with 1 host, 4 sections of 5# batteries, 1 set of residual chlorine reagent (100 times), 3 colorimetric tubes, 1 carrying case, 1 instruction manual, 1 product certificate and 1 warranty card.
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