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Introduction and application of residual chlorine detector in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-24
1. Use of the residual chlorine detector: The residual chlorine meter is suitable for detecting the residual chlorine concentration of domestic or industrial water in water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, swimming pools and other places, so as to control the residual chlorine in the water to meet the specified water quality standards. 2. The principle of residual chlorine detector: This instrument uses the principle of microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. 3. Technical indicators of residual chlorine detector: 1. Measuring range: 0~5mg/L2, power supply voltage: 220V 3. Resolution: 0.01mg/L 4. Repeatability: 1% 5. Linearity error: ±5%FS4 , Features: 1. Microcomputer, light-touch keyboard, LCD liquid crystal digital display, easy to use. 2. Using the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry, using convenient reagents, the water sample can be read in one minute after the reagent is put into the reagent, and the number shows the value of residual chlorine. 5. How to use: Prepare the solution according to the appendix of the manual before operating the instrument. 1. Pour pure water into the 2/3 position of the cuvette for residual chlorine zero calibration, put the cuvette into the measuring pool, the process of putting it in requires water stains not to splash outside the cuvette, and cover it with a light-shielding cover. Press the calibration key, the instrument will flash 0.00, and if the flashing stops, the calibration of 0 is completed. 2. Prepare for residual chlorine measurement. Take 15ML of residual chlorine A reagent and 5ML of residual chlorine B reagent in a clean beaker, and then add 100ML of the test solution. At this time, the water sample to be tested shows red, and pour the colored solution into the cuvette. Then put the cuvette into the measuring pool, cover the light-shielding cover, and the displayed value at this time is the residual chlorine content. (Complete the measurement within 3 minutes) 3. Press the storage key and the extraction key to store and extract 20 experimental records respectively.
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