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Introduction to Several Common Classifications of Conductivity Meter Electrodes

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
The electrode of the conductivity meter, referred to as the conductivity electrode, is generally divided into two types: 1) The two-electrode conductivity electrode is the most widely used conductivity electrode type in China at present. The structure of the experimental two-electrode conductivity electrode is the Two platinum sheets are sintered on two parallel glass sheets, or on the inner wall of a circular glass tube, and the conductance electrodes with different constant values ​​can be made by adjusting the area and distance of the platinum sheets. Usually there are K=1, K=5, K=10 and other types. The two-electrode conductivity electrode used on the online conductivity meter is often made into a cylindrical symmetrical electrode. When K=1, graphite is often used, and when K=0.1, 0.01, the material can be stainless steel or titanium alloy. 2) Four-pole conductivity electrode, generally there are several ring-shaped electrodes on the support body, through different combinations of ring-shaped electrodes in series and parallel, conductance electrodes with different constants can be made. The material of the ring electrode can be graphite, stainless steel, titanium alloy and platinum. The advantage of the four-electrode conductivity electrode is that it can avoid the measurement error caused by electrode polarization, and it is widely used in foreign experimental and online conductivity meters. 3) Electromagnetic conductivity electrode: The characteristic of electromagnetic conductivity electrode is that it is suitable for measuring solutions with high conductivity. It is generally used in industrial conductivity meters, or it can be used to make a single-component concentration meter using its measurement principle, such as the concentration of hydrochloric acid. meter, nitric acid concentration meter, etc.
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