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Introduction to Site Selection of River Water Quality Online Monitoring System

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
The river water quality online monitoring system has a very good water quality analysis function, but one prerequisite is that the equipment needs to be installed in a suitable location, so that it can give timely feedback when the water quality changes, so today I will simply tell you Introduce the site selection of the river water quality online monitoring system. Introduction to the site selection of the river water quality online monitoring system 1. Basic conditions: (1) The river water quality online monitoring system needs to ensure that the measured water quality is representative and the safety of the station building is guaranteed. At the same time, the operation and maintenance costs in the later stage need to be considered, and standards should be taken into account Site selection requirements, and the following requirements must be met at the same time: (2) The height of the selected station building should be able to cope with the impact of floods, usually the straight-line distance from the horizontal plane should be less than 100 meters, the depth of the water should be more than 2 meters, and it needs to be stable in the water flow and impurities less environment. (3) The closer the station building is to the river, the better. Generally not more than 100 meters, in special cases not more than 150 meters. (4) When selecting the site for the station building, it should be possible to ensure the water collection point that can meet '2. Requirements for the site selection of the water collection outlet'. (5) The geological structure of the site selected should be stable, affected by the natural environment, and the location should be flat. (6) The construction of station buildings (including water harvesting projects) needs to be reported to the corresponding local management department for approval. 2. Site selection conditions for water collection outlets: (1) The water collection location of the equipment must ensure that representative water quality can be collected at the installation location, which can truly reflect the water quality status and changing trends. At the same time, the post-maintenance of water collection equipment needs to be considered. The following requirements should be met when selecting the location of water collection: (2) The location of water collection should be close to the main waterway without affecting the normal operation of the waterway. (3) The water intake is generally set on the scour bank, avoiding the floodplain of the river (lake reservoir) and the turbulent flow and the place that is easy to cause siltation. The distance from the river bank is generally not less than 10 meters during the wet and dry periods. (4) The water extraction site should have a good hydraulic exchange function, and should not be located in dead water areas, slow flow areas, backflow areas, etc. (5) The water intake point can be set within the range of 0.5 to 1 meter underwater, but it is necessary to prevent the influence of the bottom silt on the water extraction effect. (6) The distance between the water collection device and the station building should not exceed 100 meters, and in special cases it should not exceed 150 meters. (7) The location of water collection shall be as close as possible to the scouring bank of the river, and shall not be built in the migratory area and seasonal cut-off zone of the river. The water collection position is 50 meters up and 30 meters down, and must not be installed in the whirling area. The above is the introduction to the river water quality online monitoring system. When we install the equipment, we must choose a correct location to avoid the situation that the measurement cannot be performed in time.
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