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Introduction to the advantages of using sampling method for oil fume analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
Introduction to the advantages of the oil fume analyzer using the sampling method: 1. The measurement results of imported pressure sensors and imported electrochemical sensors are more accurate. Integrated design of electrochemical sensor and signal module, replacement of the sensor does not require calibration, and it has temperature and linear compensation and cross-interference correction functions to ensure test accuracy; 2. Wide temperature LCD display, adjustable backlight and brightness, Chinese man-machine dialogue The method menu is displayed with both pictures and texts, which is simple and clear. Users can directly operate with the rich online operation prompts of the instrument; Reduce the impact on the flow rate and realize long-term operation without cleaning; 4. Real-time display of direct reading dynamic pressure, static pressure, temperature, smoke temperature, flow velocity, flow rate, rotational speed, moisture content and other parameters, and automatically measure atmospheric pressure; Corrosion, large flow, adjustable speed smoke and dust sampling pump and electronic flowmeter, fast response, high tracking efficiency, flue gas pipeline adopts perchlorethylene pipeline without adsorption, and electronic flowmeter constant current sampling ensures the accuracy of measurement results; 6. The parameters of the instrument can be linearly calibrated directly through the waterproof keyboard. The password must be entered for instrument maintenance and calibration to ensure the safety of the instrument parameters; Damage to the instrument caused by the instrument; 8. Air-cooling system, when the temperature inside the instrument is higher than the set temperature, the air-cooling system is automatically turned on to ensure the normal operation of the instrument; 9. Multi-level photoelectric isolation, multi-CPU fault-tolerant structure, to overcome static interference and Electrostatic breakdown; 10. Automatically correct parameters such as temperature and pressure, and the standard condition data can be read directly, and has power-off protection function. After power-on, it will automatically enter the sampling state before power-off; 11. The instrument is equipped with a rechargeable battery for AC power failure Save data Automatically resume sampling when AC calls, automatically deduct the power-down time during the sampling process, and allow users to query the power-down time.
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