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Introduction to the characteristics of the river water quality online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
The river water quality online detection system adopts the sensor electrode monitoring scheme, which can be applied to real-time analysis of PH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity, ammonia nitrogen, COD and other indicators in surface water, river water network and other environments. No consumables and maintenance are required during the monitoring process, and the use cost is low. And it can reflect certain characteristics in the application. Let me briefly introduce it to you below. Features of the river water quality online monitoring system 1. Adopt low-power collector: the power consumption is less than 50uA in static state. 2. GPRS networking function, support extended networking. 3. The remote transmission function of the sensor can be extended, the normal transmission within 30km, and the transmission through the IoT card outside 30km. 4. Support modbus485 sensor extension features. 5. Real-time long-term monitoring of large-capacity batteries is optional. 6. Supporting IoT data display, storage and analysis platform. 7. It has the function of SMS alarm for water quality exceeding the standard. 8. It can be equipped with multiple water quality sensors, with automatic light sensing function, and it can automatically turn on the lights at night in rainy and foggy weather. The alarm sensor adopts an independent power supply system, which can reduce the system failure caused by power failure. Application introduction of river water quality online monitoring system 1. Lake water quality online monitoring and early warning. 2. Municipal water supply and water supply monitoring of self-built facilities. 3. Real-time monitoring and early warning of rivers and surface water observation points. 4. On-line monitoring of terminal water and box-type secondary water supply. 5. Water supply monitoring for rivers, lakes, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. 6. Water quality monitoring in aquaculture and other fish ponds, lobster farming and other industries. The river water quality on-line monitoring system itself has many characteristics that allow it to be applied in the above environments, and we can use its characteristics to better analyze the water quality of various environments.
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