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Introduction to the main functions and characteristics of COD testing instruments

by:BOQU     2022-02-19

According to my country's regulations on sewage treatment, there are also various types of factories in the chemical industry that need to monitor the discharged wastewater. After the monitoring is passed, it can be discharged into the river normally. The factory generally uses professional COD testing instruments to carry out Water quality testing, let's take a closer look at:

What are the main functions of COD testing instruments?

1. The COD detection instrument can quickly and accurately measure the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater.

2. The COD detection instrument has two ranges: high and low. It can be upgraded to detect more than 100 parameters such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, and supports free customization of parameters.

3. The COD detection instrument adopts chemometrics statistics, and intelligently analyzes and counts multiple sets of data, effectively reducing the measurement error.

4. The COD testing instrument has a large 8-inch color screen, a guided operating system, and a user-friendly interface, which can be understood immediately after booting.

5. There are 20,000 sets of data stored in the COD detection instrument, the experimental data can be printed with one key, and the current data or historical data can also be uploaded to the computer, which supports USB and infrared wireless transmission.

6. The COD detection instrument uses an imported LED cold light source, with excellent optical performance and strong stability.

7. The COD detection instrument can build a lithium battery into the host, and the data will not be lost in the face of sudden power failure.

8. The COD detection instrument supports two colorimetric methods of cuvette and cuvette at the same time.

What are the main characteristics of COD testing instruments?

1. The detection of high and low range water samples adopts different wavelengths, and the detection accuracy is high.

2. Built-in COD standard curve, and supports users to create other standard curves.

3. Standard liquid prefabricated reagents, safe, accurate, and fast detection, no need for users to prepare.

4. Built-in cold light source. Narrow-band interference. The life of the light source can reach 100,000 hours.

5. Standard 16-hole multi-function intelligent digestion instrument, automatic alarm prompt, safer experiment.

6. Measurement range: low range: 0-80mg/L, high range: 0-1000mg/L (if the range is exceeded, the water sample needs to be diluted, and after adjusting the 'dilution factor on the screen to the corresponding dilution factor value, test again).

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