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Introduction to the working principle and main features of the cod sensor

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
In order to give full play to the performance of a sensor, we should know whether the principle it adopts meets our requirements before using it. The COD sensor is a professional sensor for detecting water quality cod. Its working principle is different from other sensors, so it can be suitable for applications in fields that need to measure water quality COD, and the characteristics of this sensor during operation are also More, let's learn about the instrument below. Working principle of COD sensor Most water-soluble organic matter has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, so we can measure the total amount of organic pollutants in water quality by detecting the degree of absorption of 254nm ultraviolet light by these organic matters. The COD sensor adopts the principle of dual light sources, one is 254nm ultraviolet light, and the other is 850nm infrared light, both of which can compensate for the attenuation of the light path and the influence of turbidity, so as to achieve stable and reliable measurement. Features of COD sensor 1. Does not require additional reagents, no pollution, and has strong economic and environmental performance. 2. The size is small, the installation method is simple, and it can carry out online continuous water quality monitoring. 3. It can measure parameters such as COD, turbidity and temperature at the same time. 4. It has the feature of automatically compensating for turbidity interference. 5. Equipped with a cleaning brush to prevent microorganisms from adhering. 6. The drift is small, the response speed is fast, and the measurement value is accurate. 7. It can still maintain stable performance after long-term use. 8. Less maintenance frequency, long operation period and low cost of use. 9. The type is a digital sensor, using RS-485 interface and Modbus/RTU protocol. 10. It adopts low power consumption design and has the characteristics of anti-interference performance. KNF-108A adopts dual light source design, which makes the measured data more accurate and stable, and has the above-mentioned characteristics during operation, which can be more convenient for us to use.
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