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Is there an index called 'TOC' for detecting chemical wastewater?

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
We all know that pure water will change its original physical and chemical properties after use, and become a waste water containing various impurities. What is chemical wastewater? Is there an index called 'TOC' for detecting chemical wastewater? In this chapter, Xiaobian comes to understand TOC detection in chemical wastewater. There are many kinds of chemical wastewater. It is actually process wastewater, waste gas washing water, cooling water, equipment and site flushing water discharged in chemical production. Most of them are toxic and not easy to purify. They have a certain accumulation effect in the body of organisms and have obvious oxygen-consuming properties in water, which can easily deteriorate the water quality. Any of the above waste water is discharged directly without treatment, which will cause water pollution, thereby affecting the ecological environment, product production and human health. So why detect TOC in chemical wastewater? TOC is a non-specific detection method. As long as it is a substance that can be oxidized to generate carbon dioxide, it can be measured. It is generally used to detect the components of organic matter. If it is inorganic waste, it is useless to detect TOC, so if there are inorganic substances in wastewater, it is useless. For chemical wastewater, it also depends on the water quality and whether it is suitable for TOC detection. As for TOC detection, there are many methods. A TOC online analyzer produced uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) colorimetry to detect the content of TOC in water in real time.
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