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It is very necessary to replace the filter element of the laboratory ultrapure water machine in time

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
Previously, users reported that endotoxins (ie heat sources) were detected in the prepared ultrapure water. We need to know that our equipment contains ultra-purification towers, and the quality and filling volume of ion exchange resins are strictly controlled during the production process. Under normal circumstances, endotoxins are not present in ultrapure water. The technical engineer immediately judged that the ultra-purification tower has not been cleaned regularly or that the ultra-purification tower needs to be replaced immediately after reaching the end of its service life. After on-site inspection, it met the engineer's expectation. After replacing the ultra-purification tower, the quality of the effluent from the equipment returned to normal. It can be seen that it is very necessary to replace the filter element of the laboratory ultrapure water machine in time. Just like the user friends mentioned above, most people focus on the price of the equipment, water output, and filtration effect, and often ignore the maintenance and replacement of PP cotton filter elements, activated carbon filter elements, RO reverse osmosis membrane and other filter elements, which eventually leads to Many adverse effects - 1. Bacteria inside the equipment breeds. In the working state, the water in the equipment is always in a flowing state. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, pollutants will continue to accumulate on the surface. Over time, the pollutants undergo a series of chemical reactions with the water, eventually creating more bacteria. 2. The quality of effluent water and the efficiency of water production have declined. The filter element has not been replaced in time after reaching the service life cycle, and the inside of the equipment is blocked. At this time, the filtering effect on the source water has been greatly reduced. Over time, the blockage will become more and more serious, and may even cause secondary pollution, resulting in a decline in effluent quality and water production efficiency. 3. Affect other accessories Even if the filter element is not replaced in time, the equipment will still run after being connected to the power supply. At this time, abnormal noise is often heard, which is an intuitive reflection of the overload operation of the equipment. In this case, other accessories are likely to be affected and malfunction, and the final equipment is likely to go on strike and fail to produce water.
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