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Learn about the precautions for using the instrument

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
Enterprises will install water quality online analyzers after sewage treatment. This step is a post of environmental monitoring, so it is necessary to ensure that the instruments are in normal working condition. When we use the instrument, we should follow the instructions and national standards to formulate effective maintenance strategies and prolong the service life of the machine. 1. Pay attention to the alarm sign Before leaving the factory, the manufacturer will affix a warning label on the instrument to avoid damage to personnel. At present, Weishui Environmental Protection Technology has launched a new generation of analyzers with self-diagnosis and self-alarm functions, which can send out an alarm when a problem occurs. 2. Check the reagent level. Regularly check whether the reagents are sufficient and whether the reagents have exceeded the specified shelf life. Insufficient or excessive reagents may cause problems in the liquid handling system of the analyzer, such as clogging or blockage; reagents exceeding the specified shelf life will affect the accuracy of measurement. . 4. Check Calibration Ensuring that the analyzer is properly calibrated will have a significant impact on its ongoing measurement accuracy. Mistakes can be made when changing reagents, which can result in failure if the reagents are installed incorrectly, if the lines are blocked or restricted, or if the reagent lines are not properly primed. A failed routine calibration can also be a symptom of an internal analyzer problem, such as clogged tubes and valves, leaking seals, or contamination of reference standards. 5. Create a maintenance routine In most cases, a maintenance routine can be created by incorporating any issues that have been previously documented, based on the National Water Quality Online Monitor Maintenance Specifications. Additionally, information provided by the device manufacturer should be considered to further optimize performance.
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